Hey, what’s up? I’m HDos, and I live and breathe cybersecurity. I’ve been in the industry game for six years now, after serving five years in the military – but nearly 25 years looking at dark screens with blinky cursors. Though I fancy myself a console cowboy and comfortable on the tools – learning how bad people do their thing is what keeps me up at night.

Since I figured out how to mess with my school systems in 2006 – a directory traversal exploit (´。_。`) – this whole world has fascinated me (I quickly learnt to be a nice hacker). From that point on, I’ve been tracking bad guys and skilling up in the areas of:

*OSINT – have successfully tracked missing persons with the Australian Federal Police, leading to 2 solved cases (not kidding).

*Physical Pentesting – Conducted a full access pentests up to the point where hands were on servers and logged in to security systems while the trusting guard waved us in (not kidding).

*Digital Pentesting – Created a virtualisation lab platform now used by some of the largest cybersecurity vendors in the world (not kidding) to conduct and host pentests, showing bespoke integrations and detections.

As I put the proverbial pen to paper, I hope I can share something with you that benefits you or your security teams, or that helps you on your way personally. I’ll update this page as the posts roll in 🙂

Many thanks!